Mandibular Third Molars and Blogging

I’ve always wanted to start a blog but there was never really anything to blog about. Without any interesting content, there would be no point in investing time in something that will never have any real importance. However, things have changed. Life gets a lot more interesting as you grow older and so, you have so much more to talk about e.g. wisdom tooth extraction…

Yes I’m kidding but not kidding at the same time, if you know what I mean. By no means in wisdom tooth extraction an interesting or even pleasant experience to talk about but I decided to blog about it anyway as my own appointment is nearing. When my dentist told me that I should have my four mandibular third molars (medical mumbo jumbo for wisdom tooth) extracted, I felt empty. I really didn’t have that many friends that had gone through the process and so, didn’t really know what to expect. All I knew about wisdom teeth was that they were big teeth that were deeply embedded in my gum at the back of my mouth and that I would never probably see them intact with my own two eyes. So, amid all this uncertainty, I turned to my good friend, the Internet. I found a lot of information on wisdom teeth and the actual extraction process but I still felt a bit empty. Yes, I knew that the dentist would give me a shot before using various instruments to remove the teeth. But what happens before you sit down on the chair and more importantly, what happens after you leave the hospital? That is what I wanted to know. To find out, I googled ‘wisdom tooth extraction blog’ but there were only a few hits for what I was actually looking for which was someone’s personal account of the experience. From those few hits, I did actually find one that was well worth the read but it seemed the person writing that particular blog had all sorts of complications along the way. I’m sure that most people won’t have to call the NHS (National Health Service in the UK) at 3 AM after swallowing the gauze pads that soak up all the blood oozing out of the extraction sites. I’m guessing and hoping that the process will be much more pleasant and “enjoyable” for myself and other people.

So, you’ve probably figured the purpose of this blog by now. My aim will be to share my experience with people who wish to compare their own with mine but more importantly, with people who still have it in front of them.

I also wanted to add that yes, for the first few weeks, I will mostly be talking about wisdom teeth but I intend to continue blogging after that about various different topics including technology, photography and skateboarding. Actually, since this is my personal blog, I will be blogging about anything that I find interesting. This shall be cool. So, bookmark and let the blogging begin. I’m out!


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